Why seek advice?

November 1, 2019

So why should you seek, and pay for advice. I'm not just talking about financial advice, I’m  talking about why you would seek advice from a specialist in any field; a personal trainer, a dietitian, a child sleep or behaviour specialist, a marketing guru for your business. Why seek this advice when you can just google and find the answers or advice you need?


These are key reasons why I seek and pay for advice, I think they ring true for many others too:



  1. Time - it takes a lot of time to search the internet on any chosen topic. Yes, the answers are probably there, but some areas are complex and you need to sort through the facts, the lies and the personal opinions of unqualified people. Paying for professional advice means you cut through all of the noise and get straight to the right answer or advice for you. Saving you lots of time and energy, not just in less googling but less brain drain. When you have a problem or situation you are working on, it takes up so much mental space, sifting through all the information you have from every different angle (its exhausting). Getting the right help reduces the mental load.

  2. Confidence and Motivation  - so you've done the research, you’ve googled, you’ve talked to people and you’ve got answers. But that’s the problem, you don’t have THE answer for you, you’ve got possible answers. Sure you can choose one path and give it a go, but will you stick it out? Or will you wonder if the other answer is actually the right one for your personal situation. And when something outside "the norm” occurs then what? More googling. If you aren’t sure you have the right advice for you, then it’s going to be very difficult to stick to the advice and get the results you want e.g keto or paleo diet - which is going to get you the result you want? And what happens if you have an intolerance that doesn’t factor into the plan ? Getting the right advice personalised for you will give you the confidence that you are on he right track, giving you a much higher chance of success . The right marketing advice could mean you will nail your social media strategy and generate leads to your website. It might be tough at first but knowing you are on the right track means you will keep going and eventually get there.

  3. Accountability and Ongoing Support - you’ve got the plan, you’ve got the confidence and motivation to make it happen. So what happens when something goes wrong or something changes? Well most advice services have some sort of ongoing advice or check in model. So you can ask questions to deal with a recent challenge or they check in on you to make sure you completed the work you were meant to do. This support and accountability will give you even more chance of achieving your goals.


So if you’ve got an area in your life or business that you are struggling with or need a little bit of extra help with or just a check in to make sure you are on the right track, I encourage you to seek advice.


Get the right advice for you, have the confidence to put in the work and rely on the ongoing support and accountability to make it happen!

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